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Mount Bromo part.1

Posted in Travel by avisoo on January 28, 2010

Mount Bromo, is one of the most visited tourist attractions in East Java, Indonesia. The typical way to visit Mount Bromo is from the nearby mountain village of Cemoro Lawang. I think it’s best view is from Mount Bromo to the sand sea below, and the surrounding volcanoes at sunrise. At Mount Penanjakan you can reach the viewpoint by foot in about two hours.

How to reach Mount bromo?

The nearest airport to Mount Bromo is at Surabaya (Juanda International Airport) it takes 3 hours by bus. Most visitors could access Mount Bromo  from Cemoro Lawang. To go Cemoro Lawang, from airport you have to take the Damri shuttle bus to the Bungurasih Bus Terminal, it costs 20.000 rupiah (US $2). From there, take the Patas air-conditioned bus to Probolinggo, it costs 25.000 rupiah (US $2.50). The journey takes about 2-3 hours.

At Probolinggo, take a old hiace and it costs 25.000 rupiah (US $2.50), it is another one hour to Ngadisari, a town about 6km northeast of Mount Bromo and the base camp for Mount Bromo trips. Another base camp is Cemoro Lawang, about half an hour from Ngadisari. You can get accommodation at Ngadisari so that you start off a little after midnight for the trip to MountBromo . Bring ur warm clothing, usually temperature can be drop to between zero and three degrees celcius. From Ngadisari, it is about half an hour to Cemoro Lawang.The foot of Mount Bromo is a 3-km hike from Cemoro Lawang.

Spiritual. Cold. Windy. Calm. Wide. Relaxing. Foggy. Blue. Magenta. Sandy.

The wind whispered a warm welcome, been hospitalized by vision. a grey enormous fog were like passer by traffic. I could feel their ammonia’s breathing heavily. a low to high pitched frequency. It’s Brahma Soldier. -abim

We stayed at Hotel Cemara Indah 2, it’s a nice hotel. Economy Room with 2 single bed, for 80.000 rupiah (US $8)/night.  You can see Mount Bromo when you go out the front door..   Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner? Go to warung sejatie tante tolly. It’s cheap. (part.1- end)

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2 Days in Macau

Posted in Travel by avisoo on January 28, 2010

Macau is populated city. It has many bar, many restaurants, many casinos and many problems. After arrived at Macau International Airport, I take a taxi to Senado Square. Senado Square, is a paved area in the centre of the former Portuguese Colony of Macau, enclosed by the buildings of the Leal Senado, the General Post Office, and St. Dominic’s Church. You can see architectural and technological influences from East and West at Senado Square.

I stayed near Senado Square, the hotel name is San Va Hospedaria, located on Rue Da Felicidade 67 (5 mins walk from Senado Square).

This hotel has in use for shooting some scenes from Indiana Jones. The walls from rattan, iron beds and wood from old-fashioned era. It costs 70 Macau Patacas (US $10) for 1 night.

Get a tourist map at Macau Tourist Centre (Senado Square) for free. A-Ma Temple, Guia Fort and Ruins of St Paul’s is my recommendation to visit, but it’s a lot of heritage sites in Macau and you can reach it by bus.

Macau has displayed an atmosphere which made it different from the surroundig areas. Today it is still this mixture of the Chinese and Portuguese cultures harmoniously maintained by its people that makes this place a specific cultural entity.

I love scooters; whatever gas scooter, electric scooter or electric bike. Scooter have an exotic body.. At Macau, you can find a lot of scooter with  various brands, like Honda, Piaggio, and Kymco. The preferred mode of transportation in Macau is by scooter and they are everywhere in the whole island.

At the side road, i saw an old man fixing his scooter machine and his couple accompany him. Perfecto.

You didn’t find the scooter? The scooter found you!

How to get Sempu Island from Jakarta

Posted in Travel by avisoo on January 27, 2010

1. Jakarta – Malang

Start at Gambir train station-Jakarta’s mainline railway station. Take a train to Malang (Gajayana) for the price around 280.000 Rupiah (US $30). Train takes about 14 hours

Notes: You can go to Malang by plane if you want to save a much time (by plane takes 1 hour).

2. Malang Train Station – Gadang

City was calm but volumed. There’s alot of backpackers started they journey at front of the station. Take a blue minibus called angkot to Gadang. Pay 3.000 rupiah (US $0.33) to the driver (they stop at angkot station). It will takes 1 hour.

Notes: I’ve met a very smart curios youth. tricky question and witty. the driver willing to cheated in order to rob on us. crap. whatever you do, get the info as much as you can then act like an adventurer. not a tourist.

3. Gadang Angkot Station – Turen

Take minibus (old Hiace) to Turen. The minibus costs 5.000 Rupiah (US $0.50) per person , minibus takes about 2 hours. A driver will drop you at front of traditional market building at Turen.

4.  Turen – Sendang Biru beach

From Gadang you will drop at Turen. The last station connected to Sendang Biru beach. Halt for an hours, to filled the capacity. The minibus costs 15.000 Rupiah (US $1.50).  Angkot takes 3 hours.

Notes: Angkot Suzuki carry with 22 passengers? 10 for max ideal. speedy freak? edge of heights? un-stabil manouvers. nightmares. Don’t forget bring mineral water and snack at ur bag. Pray!

5. Sendang Biru beach – Sempu Island

Angkot dropped you at sendang biru beach. Take a boat to Sempu island, costs 100.000 rupiah (US $10) for 1 boat. They departed you in the edge of the island, then trekked the jungle around 1 n half hour to laguna. Magnifico!

Overview: The transportation from Jakarta to Sempu Island takes approximately 20 hours and costs approximately US $40-45 with very little pain and not too much effort. Bring ur supplies, no people in this island.


I would recommend leaving Gambir Train Station at evening than you will be arrive at Malang Train Station in the morning. It will give u get a much time to Sendang biru beach in the evening. OR, if u can’t imagine how tired are you doing that step, you can rent a minibus (plus the driver too) from Malang terminal Station to Sendang biru beach, and it costs 500.000 rupiah (US $50) for 1 trip.

take a boat to sempu island