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5 things to watch out for in Singapore

Posted in Travel by avisoo on March 25, 2010

Singapore is still a wonderful place to food and shop. It’s green, clean, safe and street food won’t make u sick. I would share with you 5 things to watch out for in Singapore..

5. Cheap wine from 7-eleven to get drunk? Don’t ever think

Drinking a bad wine in a heat is not a good idea, can make real time hangover.

4. Wearing uncomfortable shoes

Having 10kg over your regular weight and walking half the Orchard Road in the middle of the day. Running shoes is better.

3.  Wear an Ed Hardy shirt?

Get ur real tattoo

2. SMOKE in air conditioned places

Yea, don’t ever do that. If you want to smoke, be sure you step outside a building. Stop smoking? That’s the best thing to do

1. Make conversation with any taxi driver

Each driver come with 10 minutes philosophy on his life. It’s your choice.


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  1. Dita Maulani said, on July 19, 2010 at 3:36 pm

    Kalau begitu i won’t won’t say a word to taxi driver in Singapore.

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