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All the things I’ve learned from travelling

Posted in Travel by avisoo on May 25, 2011

1. The best things are not always the most expensive things. It’s much better staying in a hostel than a five star hotel, you can have a better experience at a hostel. Most travelers actually happy if a stranger join at the dorm.

2. I learned patience. I never in a hurry. Waiting for tickets, bus and groups became no big deal.

3. Try it, maybe you will like it. You don’t know the things is good or not until you try it. You never have to try it again if you don;’t like it.

4. How to sleep  while u’re sitting up. If you have a neck problems, this style not good to be used.

5. I learned love is everywhere and in everyone. If you take picture of locals, dont forget to show the picture to them. Small things to show your love. 

6.  Afraid to talk with stranger is a problem. You just have to start talk in the beginning and do a lot of listening in the end. Listen to them. Thats an option to make friends.

7. Cigarettes not always bad. While your smoking, the smell of cigarettes can make you talk with the others. Especially the smell of Indonesian cigarettes

8. We are all basically same with the others. The more important things i found while travelling is everybody wants to happy. No matter where they are from, what education th.ey are, we are have same much things.

9.  There is a clean air in China. What you read in ur guidebook not always true, you can buy louis vuitton suit just a block away from your hostel. 

10. No matter how you organized your plan, the plan is going out of your control.  That Backpackers karma works.

11. Don’t forget your backyard. Others country is better than your country at your eyes, have you enjoy  your coffee at your backyard in afternoon?

12. Smile it, and it will smile you. I promise.