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5 steps to eat ramen like ramen master

Posted in food by avisoo on February 3, 2010

Ramen noodles are favourites food in Japan. Everyone eats ramen differently, some people dig in, mix all the toppings, and slurp the noodle untill there’s no tomorrow. The taste of ramen mainly depends on the soup, must have requires skills to make delicious soup. Usually ramen chefs train long time to make ramen soup. Pork bone and chicken bone usually used to make soup for ramen. Dont’ forget to add vegetables, garlic and mushroom too.

A classic ramen movie Tampopo teach me a proper way to eat ramen..  and here’s the steps..

1. Observe the whole bowl. See the seaweed slowly sinking, spring onions floating. Concetrate on the meat slices..  then hold the steaming bowl up to ur face and breathe in the aromas of ramen soup.. Do you smells pork? chicken? onions? Is there garlic in the soup?

2. Poke the pork/chicken / beef in ur ramen noodle. Just touch it and caress it with the chopsticks. Gently pick up the meat and dip it into the soup on the right of the bowl. What’s important here is to apologize the pork by saying “see u soon”

3. Slurp the noodle, paying attention to the texture. There’s nothing worse than overcooked noodles. The perfect texture ramen noodles should be a slight resistance in the mouth when the noodles is chewed. Don’t forget to looking at the pork while slurp the noodles.

Notes : Slurping ur ramen is a must with the Japanese. In my city (jakarta), slurping is not polite, whatever the food. In Japan, it can be insulting to the chef if you eat ur ramen too quietly. The noises of slurping just make ur appetite grow.

3. Sip some soup three times. Be careful to not let any of the toppings get in to ur mouth when sip. Try to detect all the ingredients that go into making the broth. It’s ok, continue eat the noodles, it’s just to reaffirm ur first impressions

4. For the pork/beef/chicken meat.. soak the meat on the edge of the bowl and then pick up the slice of meat and watch the oily soup drip away for a moment before u bite the meat.

Caution : Eating a tofu, boiled egg or something soft in ur noodle is not the easiest thing in the world to do. The best way to eat, you must balance it on the chopsticks if u get what I mean.That’s the best scooping technique.

5. Hold the bowl up to ur face again and drink the soup until the bowl is empty. There’s will impression your friend that you a ramen master!

Buying packages of ramen noodles is an easy way, if u want to practice that steps at home.

Ready to be a ramen master?